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  • Industrial Robotics and Autonomous machines

  • Plant Engineering and Line Integration

  • Collaboration for Manufacturing Technologies

  • Development of Industrial Clusters



Modern Architecture

We bring together a network of resources from across the globe supported by academic research across engineering disciplines to provide industrial collaboration for the development of custom engineered solutions in Plant Engineering, Advanced Machine Design and Manufacturing Automation.

We deliver a range of custom engineered autonomous machines for integration with manufacturing stations and assembly lines for flexible manufacturing along with material handling solutions for precision assembly within controlled environments.

We design and develop purpose built solutions for enhanced homeland security, surveillance and monitoring. These solutions can be deployed in a broad spectrum of environments to secure critical infrastructure sites.

Neon Spheres

We provide turnkey services for establishing manufacturing plants for a range of engineered products including defence equipment along with process flow guidance for component manufacturing, integration for assembly and testing for certification

We develop and promote integrated industrial infrastructure with global standards for specialised manufacturing and processing clusters at strategic locations along with advisory services for market engagements and technical collaborations. 

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