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Macrocomm offers comprehensive engineering design services with multiple specialities working together to provide a seamless integration of major technical disciplines. This enables the client to generate all their engineering design requirements in one engagement without compromising their ability to specify the broad contours of their requirement and allow the design team to create the distributed technical coordination for efficient design. The format of engagement includes all the primary design disciplines including mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil, structural and relevant specialisations in material science, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics and other scientific domains. The services offered establishes a one stop solution for advanced applied engineering towards product design for manufacturing, machine design for special applications and plant engineering for establishing specialised industrial infrastructure.

Yarn Conditioning Machine
Extrusion Plant
Abstract Lines

Machine Design

Specific designs are delivered based on original concepts for assisting inventors, manufacturing tools for production programs and machines for special applications. This engagement is supported by a cross functional design team working across disciplines providing integrated design knowledge combining electrical, mechanical, electronic and process engineering capabilities required for the development of new concepts.

Product Engineering

The manufacturing limitations determine the final design of the product as the tooling, machining, fitting and assembling of components define the efficiency of the manufacturing sequence. To this effect, a product design is rationalised with the knowledge of complex manufacturing and engineering processes delivering a highly optimised product design that improves the functional determinants within the manufacturing and servicing cycles.

Integrated Infrastructure design

For the development of infrastructure in areas of strategic importance various services are offered including detailed background studies for commercial and technical viability and design for logistics, power and water supply within the master development plan including specific common facilities for sustainability and environmental compliance. Integrated development programs combine urban facilities with industrial, commercial, recreational and social infrastructure.

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