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At Macrocomm, we undertake design and manage strategies associated with plant engineering for the establishment of specialised manufacturing infrastructure. This includes layout design, process sequencing and machine synchronisation for fully integrated manufacturing lines. Our services combine all aspects of engineering design associated with the development of special purpose machines, plant and process automation, specialised material handling systems, networks for machine intelligence and safety compliance systems. We offer turnkey implementation services commencing from sourcing to installation of plant and equipment including all intermediary functions encompassing design, development, manufacturing, assembly, synchronisation, testing and calibration of sub-systems.

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1. Plant and Systems Design

We undertake basic plant design covering civil layout, process equipment arrangements and auxiliary facilities optimised for efficient plant performance and land use and manage the construction and installation of the entire facility. We prepare detailed terminal point definitions for enabling seamless integration of various component systems sourced from different vendors and establish compliance philosophies, delivery logistics and define test philosophies for unit level assessment.

2. Auxiliary Equipment Design, Supply and Installation

We undertake detailed engineering design of all auxiliary systems and all other secondary facilities which form part of the auxiliary equipment portfolio. We manufacture and assemble all auxiliary systems through a regulated vendor base operating in various parts of the world and undertake the coordination of installation and commissioning of these sub-systems through our internal engineering team.

3. Engineering and Procurement of Major Sub-Systems

We prepare detailed specifications for primary equipment and establish technical boundaries and performance criteria for the supply of all critical equipment. We also undertake inspection, engineering compliance evaluation and pre-delivery assessment of all critical equipment at manufacturer’s location prior to the acceptance of such equipment for site delivery and installation.

Connecting Dots

4. Contracting for On-Site Civil and Structural Work

All civil and structural work including relevant engineering design is undertaken through a select set of experienced contractors working on a strategic partnership. Each project is assigned to a specific contractor based on the geographical location of the project and related resources available from the contractor in that region. The standards and working philosophies are established and supervised by the internal engineering team.

5. Post Commissioning Services and Operations Management

A dedicated team of senior engineering management professionals supported by a trained and experienced team of technicians are assigned the responsibilities of Operations management for every individual project for a minimum period of three years from the date of commissioning of the plant. All standard operating procedures, safety and security guidelines and technical directives are documented and compliance procedures are established during the training phase prior to the assignment of Operations.

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