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Macrocomm is engaged in the development of specialised industrial clusters based on unique strategies associated with the selection of locations that is critical for the establishment of manufacturing infrastructure for the respective sectors. We undertake all the responsibilities for the development of special economic zones including design and development of general infrastructure, installation of supplementary facilities as per government regulations and establishment of strategic relationships. We offer turnkey implementation services commencing from sourcing of technologies, managing collaborative relationships, installation of plant and equipment as per industry standards, training of technical personnel and establishment of quality procedures and compliances as defined for the specific sector of operation. We assist the industries to operate on a complementary mode with the other units operating within the cluster to achieve economies of scale and be competitive in the global arena.

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Manufacturing cluster for Mechatronics

This cluster initiative is developed over multiple locations to serve the manufacturing requirements of companies engaged in emerging technologies related to Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, Robotics and Autonomous systems. The infrastructure in designed in compact zones closer to the urban settlements to enable seamless integration of the knowledge centres with the manufacturing and assembling units.

Mechatronics Cluster
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