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Macrocomm offers a wide range of custom engineered autonomous machines that can be integrated with production sequences, manufacturing stations and assembly lines. We provide material handling solutions including conveying, feeding & loading systems for precision manufacturing within controlled environments. We offer unique flexible manufacturing solutions for a wide variety of industries due to our ability to design special machines from concept to assembly, integrating complete capabilities in Mechatronics complemented by advanced engineering knowledge in pneumatics, hydraulics and servo assisted systems. We design and build independent sensing and guidance systems for heavy duty equipment used in hostile environments and rugged terrain.

Automation Solution Gripper
Abstract Background

Assembly Line Integration

A complete range of custom engineered transfer stations suitable for intermediary workstations carrying out transferring and orienting functions for motion management, inspection, testing and handling heavy and unwieldy components such as large fabricated structures, marine platforms and structures for heavy machinery.

Sub-systems for Automation

Specialised modules and subsystems suitable for line automation covering seamless travellers, electro-mechanical interlocks, electro-pneumatic manipulators, gateway controllers, hydro-pneumatic power packs, servo-assisted transfer plates, articulated extenders and a host of other subsystems are designed, fabricated and supplied.

Autonomous Machines

Fully autonomous machines with sense-controlled actuators integrated with motion detection systems, shape & form monitoring sensors, heat & atmosphere sensing adaptors and gyro-managers capable of adaptive orientation along with inertial guidance systems suitable for applications in the manufacturing sector for mounting as industrial robots and for specialised defence and medical applications.

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